The judiciary sector must be strong

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The incumbent government is working with three goals in its agenda and first on the list is “Complete rule of law and promoting the people’s socio-economy.” For rule of law to be in place the judiciary sector needs to be firm and strong.
In his speech for the Myanmar New Year, President U Win Myint said, “To shore up and strengthen the judiciary sector, I have already met the Chief Justice of the Union and the Union Supreme Court judges, and have given necessary instructions to make sure that in all respective courts, judges at all levels are exercising proper supervisory functions with full accountability and responsibility. Our Union Law Support Association and Rule of Law Centers should cooperate actively in this regard. We need to strive for a judiciary branch that is impartial, independent and which balances fairness and judicious reasoning. We need to ensure that in the face of the law all are equal and that things are done in accordance with the law.”
Rule of law is the most important component for union peace and socio-economic development of the people. Every citizen must be knowledgeable and aware of the workings of the law as the law does not forgive criminal transgressions just because the perpetrators did not know they were breaking the law. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.
With rule of law in mind, the Union Supreme Court Judges have laid down a five-year judicial strategic plan for 2018 to 2022. The strategic plan is organized into five strategic action areas:
(1) Facilitate and expand public access to court services.
(2) Promote public awareness.
(3) Enhance judicial independence and administrative capacity.
(4) Promote and ensure the professionalism, accountability, and integrity of the judiciary.
(5) Promote efficient case management and court specializations.
In this regard, the Union Supreme Court Judges will ensure that the public has access to high quality legal services and feel safe and secure trusting the courts for legal matters.
It is not possible to achieve complete rule of law with just one department or organization, but only through the combined efforts of all who are involved in the judiciary sector can we overcome all obstacles and accomplish our goals.

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