June rice exports exceed 155,300 tonnes, earning over US$75M

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The photo depicts rice bags being loaded onto a cargo ship for export.

According to the Ministry of Commerce, over 155,300 tonnes of rice and broken rice were exported and earned over US$75 million.
From 1 to 21 June, Myanmar’s rice exports reached a combined total of 155,350 tonnes, generating over US$75 million in revenue. This figure breaks down into 73,900 tonnes of rice (worth US$41.82 million) shipped by sea, while the remaining 81,450 tonnes of broken rice (valued at US$33.25 million) were exported through a combination of regular trade routes and the Myanmar-China border trade.
Myanmar exports the most rice and broken rice to Asian countries, member countries of the EU, and Mozambique, an African nation.
In the financial year 2023-2024, rice exports reached a total of 146,094 tonnes, with 83,926 tonnes of rice and 62,168 tonnes of broken rice. This rice was shipped to 27 different countries worldwide. The majority, 125,374 tonnes, was exported by sea, while the remaining 20,720 tonnes were transported via border trade. — TWA/TRKM

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