Just Yesterday


Just yesterday,
I was sleeping on my lover’s lap peacefully under the silver moon.
But now,
My lover disappeared on an unscheduled trip without leaving a single clue.
Just yesterday,
My kids were happily playing at this beach along with the tender wave.
Where are they now?
I can only see the ball they played floating together with human limbs on the water surface.
Just yesterday,
My grandma was slowly putting the small fishes under the sun to get dry.
But now,
I can only see her little broken comb resting on the muddy soil.
Just yesterday,
My fisherman friend was cheerfully waving me when he left to river for fishing like saying ‘Adieu’,
But now,
Who crushed his hope of coming back home with abundant of fishes for his broods?
Just yesterday,
I was feeling the beauty of nature in this place and sea breeze tenderly caressed me.
But now,
I can only see the victims’ dreadful faces at the rescue camp and hear their hysterical screams.
Oh, where am I now?
No one hears my voice.
My body was abruptly wiped away from my soul by the merciless disaster called ‘Nargis’ last night.
Nargis, are you the messenger of the Dark Lord?
Where is my Saviour? Please hear my pleads!!
Please spare me a few more years.
I have a pending deed to put my son into Novitiation which leads to Nirvana.
If not, please spare me a few more months.
I still have unfulfilled promises to my loved ones.
If not, please spare me a few more weeks to heal the aversion in my heart.
I just started to find a noble path.
If not, please spare me a few more days.
I want to say ‘goodbye’ to this wonderful world in a proper way.
If not, please, please, spare me only a few hours,
Just to be calm to surrender…
Meiji Soe
*Novitiation – To initiate the boy into Buddhist order
(This poem is dedicated to the victims who perished during Nargis cyclone on 2nd May, 2008 which severely fell mainly on Ayeyawady Delta. Nargis is the worst natural disaster in Myanmar history.
May the victims’ souls rest in peace!)

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