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Police arrest six following cargo ship robbery in Mandalay

Police seized kinves, swords and property from the robbers. Photo: Myanmar Police Force
Police seized kinves, swords and property from the robbers. Photo: Myanmar Police Force

POLICE arrested several suspects who were allegedly involved in robbing a coal cargo ship in the Ayayawady River in Mandalay a day after the crime was committed, according to local police Monday.
The armed robbery took place in the river at around 3pm on Sunday near Latsaungyu Village in Tada U Township.
The police apprehended six suspects yesterday, and two remain at large. The suspects are accused of attacking and robbing property worth more than K3.1 million (US$2,627). Disguising themselves as travellers, the eight robbers approached the ship, named the Loi Samsis, in a motor boat and asked the bosun of the ship to steer it to shallow waters, after which the ship was stranded.
The robbers allegedly broke the ship’s windows and took jewellery, cash and other items.
The robbers also attacked police with knives and homemade petrol bombs while they were being chased on the river.
One suspect was interrogated after being caught on a sandbank where the robbers left their boat, leading to the arrest of five more suspects.
“The robbery happened while our patrol team was at another place in the river. We are in hot pursuit of the remaining robbers,” said a police inspector from the Tada U Township Police Station.
About five robbery cases were reported in April in the township, most of them having taken place on the river. Villages along the river in the township are vulnerable to armed robberies, especially during high tide.13043413_585050661651093_6536118958484468443_n 13010812_714899305319511_3485361284785681302_n 12993504_714899321986176_8535678526827300197_n

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