Kachin State Democracy Party paper read at 2018 International Day of Democracy ceremony

Kachin Party copy
U La Mar Naw Aung

At the outset, I would like to extend my best wishes to the Hluttaw Representatives and all invited guests to be auspicious and healthy.
I am Pyithu Hluttaw representative U La Mar Naw Aung from Ingyanyan constituency, and the title of the paper I am going to read on the occasion of 2018 International Day of Democracy is “Let’s all lend a hand in making democracy thrive.”

Esteemed guests,
Many nations in the world have experienced different systems throughout the ages, and it is learnt that, at present, a majority of the countries practise the democratic system, which includes rights to create and choose their own destiny. Another reason is that democracy is a kind of philosophy that is most practical to the aspirations of a human being. In our country, leaders of ethnic races achieved independence, thanks to the Panglong Agreement, and founded the Republic of the Union of Myanmar, after which a democratic system was practised. But democracy did not last long and the country fell under the rule of a one party dictatorship.
After almost 50 years away from democracy, the country has just started adopting the democratic system again, gained through the sacrifices of the people. We must strive together to make democracy thrive, while taking lessons from the past. That’s why, state leaders, Hluttaw, courts, armed organizations, political parties, media, CSOs and all citizen voters are duty bound to maintain good results.

Esteemed guests,
There must be free and fair elections system in the process of democratisation, and all citizens have the freedom of right to vote for their representatives who, on behalf of them, can guarantee the sovereignty of the state. We will find that our country hasn’t practised full democracy yet, and we need to adjust ourselves by bearing patience, and practising rational thinking with care.

Esteemed guests,
The pillars of democratic government include the legislative Hluttaw, administrative Government and judiciary Court, that can make check and balance each other without interfering in the affairs of one another. This is the essence of democracy and a vital point in making democracy survive. Without checks and balances, the system could head towards authoritarianism.
Every government wishes to implement tasks that brings prosperity to the people. But if there is no check and balance, it will become authoritarian, the original objectives lost, resulting in power seeking and power maintain for self-interests. Democracy is a system of majority rule, and minority’s rights must be protected by law.
In order to see to it that the democratic system is thriving and balanced, human beings cannot tackle the tasks alone, as measures should be taken to protect it with laws and regulations.
“As an example, in our daily life, to reap the fruits of our choice plant, we need to take care of the plant right from when we planted it, and nurturing its different stages until it bears fruit. In the same way, it is the duty of the people from the whole country to take care of the nascent democratic system, to make it thrive eternally.
I wish like to conclude by urging all citizens to cooperate and lend a hand for the flourishing of the democratic system.
Thank you.

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