Kachin state needs to consider successful cultivation of edible oil crops for ensuring food sufficiency: Senior General

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State Administration Council Chairman Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing delivers the address at the meeting with the members of Kachin State government, departmental personnel, members of the district and township administration bodies and town elders in Myitkyina of Kachin State on 18 September 2021.

Chairman of the State Administration Council Prime Minister Senior General Min Aung Hlaing yesterday afternoon met the members of Kachin State government, departmental personnel, members of district and township administration bodies and town elders at Malikha Hall of Kachin State Government.
First, the Senior General and party were warmly welcomed by Kachin State Chief Minister U Khet Htein Nan, members and ethnic cultural troupe. The Senior General was worn in traditional costume. The Chief Minister of Kachin State reported on the progress of development tasks in Kachin State, the prevention and control of COVID-19, vaccination process and general matters, the Myitkyina District Administrator on respective matters, and town elders on requirements for development tasks.
In his address, the Senior General said that he as the State Administration Council Chairman met with members of Kachin State government, departmental personnel, members of district and township administration bodies and town elders for the first time. It was a duty of serving the responsibilities for the social, economic and peace sectors without any needs. In discharging the State responsibilities due to situation and handover of the responsibilities, the State Administration Council was formed to implement the Five-Point Roadmap and Nine Objectives.
The council emphasizes two points of nation-building tasks. The first one is setting the political goal for firmly realizing the multiparty democracy in accord with the aspiration of the people. For the second point, as every government across the world strives for the development of their countries as much as possible, the government of Myanmar prioritizes prosperity and food sufficiency.
Myanmar, endowed with plentiful land and water resources as well as human resources, emphasizes agro and livestock-based businesses. More than 7 billion of the global population always face food requirements. Hence, it is necessary to produce advanced agricultural and livestock products to be exported to foreign markets. Despite having rice and bean sufficiency, Kachin State needs a requirement of edible oil. Hence, Kachin state needs to consider the successful cultivation of edible oil crops for ensuring food sufficiency.
The reports from the Kachin State requested to allow industrial zone, jade mining and tourism industry in the state. In fact, the production based on natural resources cannot be long term existence but short term business. So, extraction of natural resources under and above ground would not be encouraged. As Myanmar exports raw natural resources only, it cannot get the deserved prices. So, it is necessary to strive for the export of finished goods. Some kinds of natural resources are renewable ones, so it is necessary to resupply and conserve renewable natural resources.
If the state relies on natural resources, it may face difficulties. So, all the residences need to do the production with guarantees for the State. Efforts should be made for producing quality agriculture and livestock products meeting standards with plans to send them to local and foreign markets. It is necessary to export the marketably finished goods from agriculture and livestock farms to the market. If the necessary raw materials can be produced in respective regions, export volume can be reduced. Moreover, the products can be used at fair prices. Consequently, the local economy will develop. The ability to create the situation of respective regions lies within.
According to the educational assessment, there were more than 39,000 students at KG in 2009, some 20,000 of whom reached matriculation due to dropout at different levels. Among them, more than 5,500 students passed the matriculation examination. Hence, it is necessary to enhance the education sector of the country. Schools were reopened after the Tatmadaw had taken the State responsibilities but these schools were temporarily closed due to the third-wave effects of COVID-19. Guidance has been given to conduct business and law subjects at universities so as to turn out educated persons in business and legal knowledge.
Efforts must be made for the sufficiency of electricity which plays a key role in the manufacturing sector. It is necessary to consider the operation of textile and paper with the use of bamboo sources in the region. The urban construction must be facilitated with proper drainage, good ventilation, better transport, education, health sectors.
Kachin State sharing a border with the neighbouring country can export agriculture and livestock products in a short time. Domestic products must be improved to secure the market share.
After the meeting, the Senior General inspected the Kachin State sports ground and Myitkyina District Sports Ground and gave guidance on the upgrade of the sports grounds. — MNA

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