Karen National Democratic Party presents its policy, stance and work programmes


Karen National Democratic Party Vice-Chairman Saw Myat Htut Win presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 7 October.

1. Karen National Democratic Party (KNDP) will put in the effort to secure the livelihoods of national, ethnic people living in the Kayin State and other ethnic people in Myanmar. The party will also work hard for the development of the entire Kayin State without harming the natural environment.
2. The party will create more jobs in the Kayin State for the people not to depend on Thailand for their livelihoods. During the period we are trying to create adequate employment, we will negotiate with other nations so that all our ethnic people working in foreign countries can get their rights by the laws.
3. To develop agriculture and other various sectors, and to make all those sectors meet the international standards, we will try to attract investments and get technical assistance. In addition to Myawady border trade camp, we aim to open new border trade checkpoints in Mae Tha Waw and Three Pagodas Pass area in future.
4. We will carry out special projects to eradicate the manufacturing and trading of illegal drugs, and drug uses that harm the future of young people.
5. To promote the literature, culture and art of the national, ethnic people in the Kayin State, we will help them get opportunities to attend primary, middle and high schools as well as colleges and universities.
6. We will cooperate with all stakeholders in striving for genuine and lasting peace in the Kayin State.
7. When we achieve peace, we will promote the hotels and tourism industry without harming the natural environment.
8. Regarding the rights to own or operate farmlands and plantations in Kayin State, we will take into account the tradition and culture of national, ethnic people in the Kayin State.
9. We will strive for getting the same-quality services in education, healthcare, and social sectors as other states/regions do.
10. We will try to prohibit racial and religious discriminations and oppressions.
In addition to the policies mentioned above, we will make efforts to implement our other announced policies on politics and economics, farmlands and natural resources, social issues, and Kayin national matters.
Mostly, following the first fact of our political policy, we will work hard to build a Democratic Federal Union comprising of states which will have national equality and autonomy.
Under the Karen National Democratic Party’s slogan “To achieve equal development, let’s vote for KNDP” for the 2020 General Election, we will work hard for the country per three laws of the world — liberty, equality and justice.
Buffalo’s horns, Kayin bronze drum and the sun,
Will promote the standard of living of the citizens;
To create our own fates, we will vote for KNDP,
To achieve equal development, let’s vote for KNDP.

Karen National Democratic Party’s 6-point political policy
1. Our party will build a Democratic Federal Union comprising states which will have national equality and autonomy.
2. Our party will try to achieve genuine peace and national reconciliation.
3. We will stand as an independent party, which is not influenced by any person, any organization or any party.
4. We will form alliances with national, ethnic parties which have the same objectives.
5. We will make efforts to draft a constitution under the basic principles of a Democratic Federal Union.
6. We will always review and criticize the situations of the country and will use non-aligned policy.

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