Kawthoung Dhamma School students to celebrate candle light festival and fire balloons festival

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Hundreds of people release lanterns into the sky in celebration of Thadingyut. Photo: MNA

Students of Dhamma School Foundation in Kawthoung Township will celebrate 3000 candle light festival and launching 1000 hot-air balloons festival on 1st waning of Thadingyut ( 6 October) on the platform of Shwe Pyi Thar Anandar Pagoda in Kawthoung Township, Taninthayi Region. Kawthoung Township Dhamma School Foundation will celebrate the festival in cooperation with Dhamma Kaya Foundation of Thailand as a second time. Possession of 3000 Dhamma School students from various places of the town holding the candle light will gather and offered candle lights systematically to the Shwe Pyi Thar Arnandar Pagoda platform. Then, 1000 ho-air balloons festival including donation of foods will be grandly continued.—Kyaw Soe (Kawthoung)

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