Kayin State locals grow more watermelons this year for export

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A watermelon cultivation plot in Kayin State. Photo : Lin Thant (IPRD)

The local villagers from Wae Pyan village on Papun-Kamamaung-Wabo road, Kayin State are growing more Taiwan watermelons species (855) and HERA species watermelon (locally named Dongyi) this year compared with those of last year, according to the local villagers.
This Wae Pyan village is mainly growing the monsoon paddy in the farmland except for the deep ground in monsoon season. This time, the local villagers are growing winter crops such as soybeans, green
peas, black beans and watermelons.
The ten-day nursery watermelon plants are transplanted in the bounded areas. The farmers irrigate the water for the growth of the watermelons from Thanlwin River. After two or three months, they pick up the watermelons and send them to the market.
The produced watermelons are sent not only to the local market but also exported to China market through the Muse land border. However, the local watermelon growers are concerned about the stability of the market. In 2019, the local growers were adversely affected by the export of watermelon because of speculations by the traders. This year, the cultivation of the watermelon costs over K1 million per acre.
The local growers are saying that they deserve to get back last year losses and have requested the government to control the watermelon market to ensure stability. In the 2019-2020 financial year, Myanmar exported over 600,000 tonnes of watermelon, earning over US$500 million. —Lin Thant (IPRD) (Translated by Hay Mar)

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