KBZ employees makes pilgrimage to Buddha Gaya

NLM19MORE than 165 employees of the Kanbawza Group of companies donated cash to Buddhist monasteries in Buddha Gaya in Bihar State, India, during a pilgrimage trip.
During the three-day trip, the chairman of KBZ Bank and his family donated US$45,000 to Nalanda University, US$5,000 to the Maha Bodhi Monastery and US$3,500 to Maha Bodhi (Chinese) Monastery. Employees donated more than Ks1.4 million, US$3,960 and 46,000 rupees to Maha Bodhi Monastery, US$1,420, 32,250 rupees and more than K1.4 million to  Maha Bodhi (Chinese) Monastery  and US$8,228, 40,110 rupees  and K640,000 to Nalanda University.
They also offered silk saffron robes to the Buddha Statue in the Maha Bodhi Pagoda and a lotus robe to the Bo Tree.
They also visited religious sites and places of pilgrimage in Gaya district in Bihar.
For Buddhists, Bodh Gaya is the most important of the main four pilgrimage sites related to the life of Gautama Buddha.
The seventh pilgrimage trip sponsored by the KBZ family began on 10 March by MAI charter flight. So far about 1,000 employees have participated in the annual pilgrimage.—Thura Lwin (Eco)

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