KBZ reopens 122 Yangon branches starting from 14 January

According to a statement released by KBZ, Kanbawza bank will reopen its 122 Yangon branches beginning from 14 January.
The Ministry of Health and Sports released the statement in December, announcing that the pandemic will persist in the world for many years. For that reason, they must survive together with COVID-19 and strive for economic, education, health and socio-economic sectors. Otherwise, the development of the country will be delayed. Therefore, a new normal lifestyle needs to be carried out.
To access the banking service for their customers, KBZ resumed 122 Yangon branches to continue providing customers with essential banking services during regular banking hours from 9:30 am to 3:00 pm effective 14 January 2021.
When the customers come to KBZ bank, they will need to adhere to COVID rules like washing their hands at a basin, wearing a face shield and mask as per the Ministry of Health and Sports guidelines.
KBZ is also encouraging customers to explore contact-free digital banking services such as ATMs, KBZPay mobile wallet, KBZ iBanking and mBanking to safely manage their finances with no need to visit KBZ branches. —Thiri (Translated by Hay Mar)

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