Keep an open mind on friendship

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  • Myanmar is fully committed not just to the pursuit of economic development, but also to striking the right balance between development and stability – both economically and politically.
    The Union Government has been steering a careful course through waves of multiple, complex and simultaneous transitions that are social, political and economic in nature.
    Despite multidimensional risks, external and internal pressures, and the monumental complexity of the issues we must deal with, Myanmar has not wavered in its commitment to be a responsible member of the global community.
    New investment and company laws recently in effect provide a much-improved legal framework for investors.
    Myanmar has been undergoing multiple, simultaneous, complex transitions throughout recent years. These transitions have affected all aspects of the country’s social, political and economic life. Very few of our people remain untouched by these transitions,
    We acknowledge that our country has challenges to face, particularly with regard to the Rakhine and with the struggles Myanmar has on the peace front.
    State Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi said at the Myanmar Investment Conference in Japan that Myanmar is aware of the difficulties, saying that the country is not hiding this fact from our friends but Myanmar is confident that if it stands firm in the interest of all who live within the country’s frontiers and who are all dependent on Myanmar for their security and their prosperity, Myanmar shall not fail to go forward.
    We understand that peace, reconciliation, harmony, stability, rule of law, human rights – all these have to be taken into consideration when we are looking for more investors, for greater economic opportunities, and when we are looking to our friends to come and join us in our economic ventures. It is not simply an economic venture; it’s a national venture which incorporates many, many strands – social, economic, political.
    Our friends are urged to be very open and transparent with us.
    Keeping an open mind does not mean that you believe or accept everything, but you do listen, observe, feel and try to comprehend every true situation on your path.
    “If there were any concerns or worries, to please discuss this openly with us and to please keep an open mind. Unless you keep an open mind, you will not be able to see what the true situation is like,” said the State Counsellor.
    It is also important to listen and to consider seriously in what way we can work together not just to make bilateral trade and investment relations but to improve relations between our two peoples, and to contribute to fostering better relations throughout the world.
    We strongly encourage our friends in the world to be open minded to mutually beneficial friendship that brings peoples and businesses together for the benefit of all.
    Today is the time to visit and soak up an atmosphere brimming with opportunities and witness the newfound economic vibrancy with your own eyes.
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