Keep calm and carry on, voters

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Despite there being only 50 days left until the general election, there are still a number of voters who are not paying close attention to a day that will decide the destiny of the nation. This is very unfortunate.
Perhaps the reason for their lack of enthusiasm stems from a misunderstanding about the real purpose of politics. As a nation that has endured six decades of authoritarian rule, many quite reasonably feel that getting involved in politics is a risky business.
Another issue that may serve to discourage potential voters from going to the polls relates to inaccurate electoral registers. No matter how many times the election commission guarantees that every citizens has the right to vote, some people have become disenchanted with the process of voter registration and have lost trust in local election commissions.
No matter how complex the registration process is, we must endure it because the end goal of being able to vote on 8 November is so important. As responsible citizens, we must take the time to check whether our names are on the electoral registers in our constituencies.
The point is that the upcoming election is a call to individuals to engage themselves in politics – for some it will be the first time in their lives they have done so. The further we walk away from the bad, the nearer we come to the good. There are opportunities afoot to expel selfish politicians from Myanmar’s political arena. It is in fact no-one but the voters who have the power to do this.

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