Keep emotions of both communities tightly reined in

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Myanmar is experiencing the same phenomenon that other nations have experienced. As transitions are always bumpy, the country is going through a particularly bumpy moment in its transition. The country might appear to be first on the firing line, with ethnic conflicts although significant inroads have been made in resolving its domestic problems. What an experience it has been! Myanmar has learned more, seen more, and enjoyed more than it ever could have imagined.
It is a historic success that Myanmar has achieved to date with its peaceful, stable and sustainable transition to a democratic form of government. We had free, fair, peaceful and orderly elections in November 2015, and continued and sustained dialogues on the national peace and reconciliation processes between the government and armed ethnic groups. It is the right thing to do to ensure that all the people see rewards from the process of democratization.
But there remains a long road ahead for the government and the people, and much work still needs to be done due to extremely complex challenges we face in the political, social, economic and national security areas. Some of the greatest challenges we still face include the refusal of some armed ethnic groups to sign the Nationwide Ceasefire Agreement-NCA. These armed groups have continued to actively resist the national peace and reconciliation processes that the majority has agreed to.
Meanwhile, new models of collaborative and inclusive governance are required for the country to successfully address the simmering communal tensions in the Rakhine State which drew public disquiet. The circumstances have been far from ideal for social cohesion which requires a careful and well thought out response. This is a reflection of the importance of mutual trust and understanding among communities within the Rakhine state.
It takes time to right the wrongs of decades. Taking into account a combination of factors such as security and the rule of law, the stakeholders should abide by and promote the social norms for equity and fairness, and allow the traditions of honesty and generosity to come to life again and  keep emotions of both communities tightly reined in.

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