Keep faith, take perseverance in fight against COVID-19

With the winter season approaching in our country, the cooler weather threatens to aggravate the situation of coronavirus infection if we let our guards down.
Why? researchers believe cooler temperature and humidity play roles in how well the virus can survive in the air, and thus make its way into your body.
The COVID-19 virus becomes a little more active and multiplies a little bit faster in cold weather. Meanwhile, seasonal influenza occurs in changing season period. That is why we need to be more careful as the cold weather sets in.
The co-circulation of seasonal influenza and COVID-19 in the winters may present challenges for health systems and health facilities, since both diseases present many similar symptoms.
Many of the same measures that are effective in preventing COVID-19 are also effective for preventing influenza, including physical distancing, hand hygiene, covering coughs, ventilation and masks.
We have areas where the weather is very cold in winter. It’s worth noting that the Ministry of Health and Sports has been broadcasting physical exercise programmes to motivate the people through physical exercises in the winter in the fight against the COVID-19. We would like to urge our to take interest in these programmes.
Another point of view is that cooler weather is likely to worsen the coronavirus’ spread because of the virus’ biology and the people’s behaviour. Scientists say the latter may matter more.
As it gets colder, people spend more time indoors, and that will increase their risk of exposure to the virus.
In this winter, we must continue to take responsibility as individuals of the need to maintain physical distance, hand hygiene, cough etiquette and wear a mask when and where needed. People must remember the three Cs – avoid crowded places, avoid closed settings and avoid confined and enclosed spaces with poor ventilation.
What seemed to matter most in slowing transmission rates, the study found, were nonpharmaceutical interventions. In other words, keep wearing a mask and limiting indoor gatherings.
Meanwhile, the people’s relentless efforts need to continue with more vigor as the government has been making concerted efforts scaling up capacities for timely detection, testing, tracing contacts, isolating the affected and providing hospital care to those who need it. In sum, people must keep faith and take perseverance in the fight against COVID-19.

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