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  • By Htun Tin Htun
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    The State Flag is being raised at the ceremony to celebrate the 70th Independence Day in Yangon yesterday. 
    Photo: Phoe Khwar

Knowledge (Education) and Character (Morality/Discipline) are powers for the development, liberty, justice and peace for any nation. Efforts (work-hard), wish-to-do, mind (will) and wisdom make the impossible possible and the people in this planet need to cooperate, coordinate, compromise and collaborate with these faculties in order to make the world more just, peaceful and prosperous. Equity (pro-poor), empowerment (pro-woman), environment (pro-nature) and employment (pro-job) are of great importance for the development of mankind in this planet. Partnership with the people to implement the activities and programs in order to achieve the sustainable development goals (SDGs: Agenda 2030) for the profit, prosperity, peace in this planet is our great concern and noble duty.
Our government announced the national objectives for the 2018, 70th Anniversary of Independence Day falling on the 4th January 2018 as follows: (1) All nationalities to collectively preserve and protect non-disintegration of the Union; non-disintegration of national unity; and perpetuation of national sovereignty; (2) To strive hard to draw up a constitution suitable for the Union in accordance with democratic principles and norms for the emergence of a Democratic Federal Union; (3) To strive hard and exert our utmost efforts to implement the peace process as quickly as possible; (4) For all nationalities to work together with the State to achieve the goal of “lasting peace” through political dialogues; and (5) By encouraging the private sector which is the main engine of growth for the economy, to collectively exert our efforts for improving and advancing the socio-economic life of the people (Page 15, The GNLM Daily, 29th November 2017). Unity is strength; United we stand divided we fall; Union represents over 100 ethnic/ indigenous groups who are living together, staying together, learning together, working together, performing together, sharing together, caring together and leaving good legacy together. Right understanding (view), right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right mindfulness and right concentration (unique eight in one representing wisdom, morality and concentration) is Noble Eightfold Path taught by the Awakened One, the Buddha is a path leading to the cessation of all sufferings and sorrows for all mankind to learn and practice daily in solving the problems being encountered and in attempting to attain highest bliss.
Integration of all nationalities in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar is of paramount importance and the duty to defend and protect the national sovereignty is our noble duty as every citizen has the rights and responsibilities. No one is above the law and rule of law is of great importance for the perpetuation of national sovereignty. Discipline is our cardinal virtue and observing the (5) moral precepts (the great charity for all mankind in this planet) and practicing the virtues of Brahma Vihara (loving-kindness, compassion, sympathetic joy and equanimity) make the planet just, peaceful and prosperous. Every citizen of the nation enjoys equal rights and “equality before the law” as well as “ignorance of law is no excuse” for the “rule of law, law and order” as the first essential condition for making democracy secure in our lives is to be based all our activities firmly on the rule of law and whoever breaks the laws must take the consequences as we are responsible for what we have done.
Peace of the people of this planet is our top priority and the road to peace is not always simple and smooth; a peace based on respect for the dignity and rights of each member of the society, respect for each ethnic group and its identity, respect for the rule law, law and order, and respect for a democratic order that enables each individual and every group-no one is left behind-to offer its legitimate contribution to the common good. Every citizen of our nation needs to be united and must learn how to live in peace and harmony with each other regardless of race or religion; for equality of among all races and peace and tranquility across the nation, we must all strive on with diligence and vigilance to build up nationwide peace. Nothing is impossible to the people of the Union of Myanmar with wish-to-do, work-hard, will and wisdom.
Devoted himself day and night to achieve independence, peace and stability in the country and for the guarantee of human rights for all citizens is Bogyoke Aung San and he wrote that “One-man-hero-efforts cannot bring about the Jewel of Independence; for all of us to enjoy human rights including the right to own property, it is the national cause for all of us to take part in the revolution for the Independence.” Every citizen of the Union of Myanmar will always remember the gratitude of our national leaders and ancestors for their selfless struggles and dauntless courage while enjoying the benefits of freedom and independence. Never swerving from just, equity and freedom, reflecting the strongly held conviction of the founding fathers of our nation that true freedom cannot survive without justice. Challenges that the people of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar faces nowadays are many and each challenge calls for strength, patience and courage; our nation is a rich tapestry of different peoples, languages and religions, woven on a backdrop of vast natural potential. Each age in the life of a nation brings its own responsibilities just as it has to bear the legacies of the past; we today who have been given the opportunity to effect changes that could open new vistas of progress for our nation, will strive to discharge our duties with probity and humanity we would like to leave to the future a land that has been nurtured with care and respect, a healthy, happy and beautiful land.
People of the Union of Myanmar have seen a great sign of hope that the leaders of the various traditions in this country are making efforts to work together, in a spirit of harmony and mutual respect for peace and for helping the poor and for educating in authentic religious and human values. Every individual, family, group and organization desirous of peace are urged and encouraged that the people living in this nation (experiencing civil conflicts for nearly 70 years) want to live in peace and it is our people who want peace most, more than anyone else and peace can bring about progress which can result in sustainable development so that we must not lose sight of our people’s desires. Religious differences need not be a source of division and distrust, but rather a force for unity, forgiveness, tolerance and wise nation building; the religions can play a significant role in repairing the emotional, spiritual and psychological wounds of those who have suffered in the years of conflict. People are usually reluctant to courageously assess as to whether their concepts and ideas they firmly hold on to dearly are true and false and reasonable or not; this weakness must surely be overcome with great seriousness in the peace process. Evidence shows that Myanmar is a nation comprising 135 ethnic national races coexisting for generations throughout history facing difficulties and challenges together and sharing sorrows and happiness and it can be likened to a beautiful garden with full of lovely flowers of different colours. The road to peace is not always smooth but it is the only way that will lead our people to their dream of a just, developed and prosperous land that will be their refuge, their pride and their joy; the quest for peace has to be reinforced by the attainment of sustainable development goals that the future of posterity might be assured.
Universal Declaration of Human Rights was declared to the world as the basis for the international community’s efforts to promote justice, peace and human development worldwide and to resolve conflicts through dialogue not the use of force Arduous process of national reconciliation and peace building only advance through a commitment to justice and respect for human rights; the wisdom of the ancients defined justice precisely as a steadfast will to give each person his due; the justice as the basis of all true and lasting peace.
The road ahead is long but we will make it with confidence, trusting in the power of peace, love and joy with our firm resolution, effort, mindfulness, concentration and wisdom. Exceedingly difficult to practice in this planet is “To avoid evil things, to cultivate good and to cleanse one’s mind” and we all must accept the cardinal principle that we are responsible for what we have thought, spoken and done to the Universe. Difficulties and challenges whatever we may have to face at present and in the future can surely and definitely be overcome by the power of the unity of our people as there is no power that can compare with the power of the trust, support and unity of the people and what we need to do and exert with might and means now is to build up a disciplined, united, developed and modernized nation to be able to stand tall in the midst of all nations in this planet.
May you all be free from all dangers and enmity, physical pains and mental sufferings!! May you all be healthy, happy, peaceful and prosperous in the days to come!!! May the Dhamma, love, peace and happiness be with us!!!

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