Keeping Independence Day Objectives in Mind

  • An objective refers to guidelines for work in the future. To achieve a certain purpose or goal, objectives are usually laid down, but they are often taken for granted.
    The five objectives set down for the 71st Independence Day, to be observed on 4 January 2019, reflect the requirements of the current situation in Myanmar, and therefore, they are vital to the future of the country.
    The first objective states the need for “all national ethnic races to defend and protect with ‘collective strength’ to ensure non-disintegration of the Union, non-disintegration of the unity of national ethnic races, and perpetuation of national sovereignty.” All citizens must keep this in mind and work to ensure the perpetuation of the State.
    The second objective lays down working for “the emergence of a Democratic Federal Union, to strive towards creating a suitable Constitution for the State, in accordance with democratic standards”. This is a pressing requirement for the country. To realize this goal, the Constitution must be amended through democratic means.
    Anti-drug efforts are important for the country as narcotic drugs can easily spoil the morale and health of citizens as well as the younger generation, who will shape the future of the country. Therefore, all citizens must take heed of the third objective which serves to “effectively combat and protect against the use of drugs and narcotic substances, which can harm and erode the health and character of all citizens”.
    Nowadays, the government is putting all its energy into equitable development of the regions and states. Without liberty, equality, and progress, independence will be meaningless. Thus, all citizens are urged to work in accordance with the fourth objective -“to continuously strive with determined effort for the balanced and equitable development of all states and regions”.
    The fifth objective seeks to “assist from all fronts, the Union Government’s efforts for private sector development and the emergence of a fully-developed market economy”. A robust economy will bring prosperity to the country and help raise the socio-economic status of the people.
    The Global New Light of Myanmar would like to take this opportunity to urge all Union citizens to assist and support the government and participate in its efforts towards the democratic transition and building a federal union, which are among the objectives set for the 71st anniversary of our Independence.
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