Keeping Yangon City clean, beautiful and pleasant

  • Tommy Pauk

According to the GNLM news on 10.02.2017, it is learnt that rubbish collection in the Yangon Region will be handed over to private enterprises. It also added that Yangon Region produces over 2,500 tonnes of rubbish daily. This current news reminds us that we Yangon city dwellers ought to participate in sanitation work. Even then we are responsible for paying monthly refuse disposal fees.
Since Yangon is a great metropolis in South East Asia , the successive governments have made concerted efforts in making Yangon clean, beautiful and pleasant constantly. Sustainable hygienic environment, amenity, good system of garbage collection and good drainage system should be maintained at all time in Yangon. The incumbent government is striving hard for the all-round development of Yangon city as well. Therefore, we, Yangon city dwellers, are responsible for keeping Yangon clean, beautiful and clean in accordance with the government policy. The city dwellers must adhere to the acts of Municipal and help authorities of YCDC with sanitation tasks as well. Likewise, we all must avoid behaving undisciplined manners such as littering and spitting, chewing betel juice in public area.
Luckily, Yangon has been free from air-pollution such as smog as the factories exist on the outskirts of Yangon. Sunny sky or blue sky is visible over Yangon in day time throughout the year. It is an obligation that all Yangon city dwellers must abide by the discipline and municipal acts for keeping Yangon beautiful. The authority has increased fine for dropping litter in the back yard recklessly. Garbage bins are placed on the every street corner in the Yangon local area for garbage disposal. This is a part of task that is very supportive to city cleanliness and hygienic programme. YCDC’s task of sanitation is carried out day and night with the assistance of city dwellers actively. However, unfortunately, the behavior of undisciplined street hawkers and betel quid chewers make the city ugly, harmful and detestable. Very recently, the local authorities have designated some places near downtown Yangon for the hawkers to sell things or food within the limited time in the evening. Thus a kind of night hawker-center appeared in Yangon and ugliness and harm can be erased effectively. On the other hand, the government of Yangon Region is providing basic amenities and trying to make Yangon cleaner.
The elderly dwellers recount the physical beauty, cleanliness and pleasantness of Yangon known as Rangoon. They say Yangon’s picturesque buildings, religious monuments, lakes, trees, roads, lanes, parks awesomely attracted the visitors in 1950s.The drainage system, regular fumigation in the wards in Yangon, local transport system, local circular train, electric trolley-buses were the ones which served the city dwellers. They also say that Rangoon’s streets and roads were clean and well-lighted even at night time. Public amenities were quite sufficient for the city dwellers in that period. The city’s resident population of Yangon at that time was not so great and the number of cars was relatively less than the present figure.
During the era of Burma Socialist Programme Party, Yangon city dwellers contributed voluntary service to sanitation work on Sunday mornings in their own wards or streets or townships respectively. In other words, the city dwellers of Yangon participated in a weekend sanitation programme or carried out the sanitation work with city development council willingly and voluntarily. It showed that the city dwellers wanted to sustain the beauty, pleasantness and cleanliness of Yangon. However, that programme could not continue any further due to circumstances. Since then, such regular YCDC sanitation work with public participation cannot be seen until now.
During the SPDC era, the government abolished the old and rickety buildings and renovated the religious edifices as well as the buildings of Yangon heritage in Yangon. Besides, the SPDC government embellished the gardens and parks and built new satellite towns of Yangon. The SPDC government built some overpasses and planted shady trees in the vicinity of Yangon Airport. Even then, the block of flats, masses of condominium and tall buildings have mushroomed in the metropolitan areas in Yangon. The SPDC government established industrial zones in the designated industrial estate on the outskirts of Yangon so that the residents can commute or move easily in the city. These were the tasks done by the SPDC government for Yangon City Development.
The population of metropolitan Yangon has gradually increased because some citizens from various places in Myanmar moved to Yangon. For these situations, Yangon City Development Committee cannot carry out the sanitation work without public participation or without using modern garbage collecting method. Yangon requires modern garbage collecting system, good drainage systems, good sewage system, sewage works to cope with the increasing number of population and modern buildings in Yangon. Yangon does not have skyscrapers, but we must maintain the existing roads, buildings and overpasses regularly. It is our bounden duty to keep Yangon beautiful, clean and pleasant. In addition, we must be able to say that Yangon has a reputation for high standard of discipline. Regular sanitation work, regular fumigation and obeying disciplines will portray Yangon to be an attractive metropolis to international tourists vividly. Let’s create Yangon to be the most beautiful, most pleasant and cleanest city in the world!

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