Khamee Nation Development Party presents its policy, stance and work programmes

Khamee Nation Development Party Secretary 2 U Oo Than Htay presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 16 September.

Esteemed national brethren and people of the Union

I am U Oo Than Htay, Secretary 2 of the Khamee Nation Development Party. I wish all the voters of the country physical and mental wellbeing.

The vision of the party

We founded the Khamee Nation Development Party in June 2010 and applied for party registration at the Union Election Commission, which approved our application on 9 July the same year. Our registration number is at 37. Our people are mainly living in various parts of northern Rakhine State. We are a backward community. We are a minority party of the north of Rakhine State with the mission to ensure equal rights for our people as the citizens of the Union. In other words, our mission is to enjoy civil and political rights as all the nationalities of the Union. Another task is to preserve our Khamee nation identity.

Our head office is at No 144, Hsinku Street, Ward 1, Sittway, Rakhine State.

Our policy

The following is our four-point policy:

1. Joining hands with all the other nationalities of the Union for eternally standing as a federal democratic nation in the world;
2. Effective establishment of a genuine federal democratic system through the joint efforts among all the ethnic races;
3. Support the development of other ethnic races while striving for the physical, intellectual and moral development of the ethnic Khamee people;
4. Preserve our traditions, culture and customs and national characteristics and embrace and nurture innovative ideas in accordance with the age.

Future action programmes

They are as follow:

1. For all the ethnic peoples of the Union to stand firm in the world with national solidarity, which represents the sovereignty of the country;
2. Implementing the multiparty system through equality, mutual respect, individual rights and freedom among the nationalities;
3. Strive with might and main for development of Khamee people and other ethnic races;
4. Solidify our ethnic races living in diversity due to the geographical and ethnical differences;
5. Cooperate with other ethnic races and organizations, if necessary, in the interest of Khamee people.
I have already presented a brief account of the party’s vision, mission, and policy and future action programmes. Now I will present the flag of the party, which is also the flag of Khamee people, and the logo of the party.

The flag bears green, white and blue stripes with equal width. It has a blue patch at the top, and the centre is a white spot, and the base is green. On the left side of the blue patch is the red morning star or the “makhi-ark-sink” in our language.

The blue colour stands for the sky and represents peace and stability, while the red morning star signifies courage, activeness and decisiveness. The white colour stands for purity of mind and honesty, and the green represents the world which is green, clean and stable.


It is a yellow bird which is called “Wa-ma-yark” in the Khamee language, resting on a branch. The background colour is blue. The picture represents the steadiness and tranquillity.


We adopt ‘Collective coordination, individual responsibility’.

Esteemed voters and the national people in Rakhine State

The party will take part in the coming election for a seat each in the Amyotha Hluttaw, the Pyithu Hluttaw and the Rakhine State constituency 1. U Phyu Tun will stand for the MraukU Township constituency of the Amyotha Hluttaw, U Hla Tun Kyaw, for the Kyauktaw constituency of the Pyithu Hluttaw, and U Kan Sein, for the Buthidaung Township constituency 1 of the Rakhine State Hluttaw.

Esteemed nationalities and ethnic voters of Rakhine State

We are the brethren of the ethnic races of Rakhine, and we have been living in weal or woe with them throughout the long history. Mutual assistance among the nationalities of Rakhine State is essential for ensuring peace, tranquillity and prosperity for them.

The party wishes to serve the interest of the state and the country from the respective sector as a national task. As we are a minority of the ethnic Rakhine races, we request the people to vote our party, with the yellow bird logo, and rally behind it, so that we may have the opportunity to take part in the serving the interest of the Rakhine State and the Union in accord with the Constitution.
May all the national brethren of the Union and the people and the voters of Rakhine State enjoy good luck and be free from all dangers.

Thank you all.

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