Khumi (Khami) National Party presents its policy, stance and work programmes

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Khumi (Khami) National Party Chairperson U Kyaw Tun presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes as follows:

Esteemed national, ethnic voters
I wish you a joyous heart. I am U Kyaw Tun, Chairperson of Khum (Khami) National Party based in Paletwa in Chin State. Before our Khumi area was annexed by the British, the area had autonomy and was ruled by Ayai (aka) Taung Min who are ethnic Khumi people. After the Khumi area was annexed by the British, it was ruled by the Arakan Hills Civil Justice Regulation (1874 -76) and the Arakan Hill Tract Basic Principle Act (1906).
Ten areas, including the Arakan Hill Tract, were not the territories of ancient Myanmar kings, so the areas were ruled by the British as Hill Tract Area (1). The areas include (1) Shan State (2) Thaung Thut, Sin Ta Lane, and Khamti (3) Arakan Hill Tract (4) Chin Hill Tract (5) Naga Hill Tract (6) Hu Kaung Tract (7) Triangle Tract (8) Kachin Hill Tract (9) Thanlwin District and (10) “Wa” Area.

Esteemed people
Following section 1 (c) of the Aung San-Attlee Agreement, Shan, Kachin and Chin, alongside Myanmar, and Arakan could sign an agreement in Panglong to have independence and form a Union. Under section 1 (d) of the Aung San-Attlee Agreement, the Hill Tract Area (1) agreed that they, alongside Myanmar, will gain independence as Unified Myanmar, and to be parts of the Union as decided by the Frontier Scrutinization Committee. Moreover, the combination of Arakan Hill Tract and Chin Hill District, those of Hu Kaung Tract, Triangle Tract, and Kachin Hill Tract, those of “Wa” Area and Shan State, and those of Naga and Myanmar are included in Unified Myanmar with their consents.
According to the agreement, the section (196) of the 1947 Constitution says, “There shall be a Special Division of the Chins comprising such areas in the Chin Hill District and the Arakan Hill Tract.”

Our party’s policy
(1) The development of all national, ethnic people in Khumi area
(2) To achieve full national, ethnic rights
(3) To create a Federal Union

Our party’s objectives and work programmes
(1) Road communications are essential, so we will try to improve roads and marine transport. We will rebuild the Sein Sim Airport. Moreover, we aim to generate more electricity and improve telecommunications.
(2) Our party will provide long-term and medium-term loans for the development of the agriculture and industrial sectors, and the service sector. Our party will provide kinds of technical training.
(3) Our party aims to open border trade centres in the borders with India and Bangladesh, and will work hard to promote the exports of local products. We will eradicate poverty in our township so that it will be no longer considered the most impoverished township of the Chin State.
(4) The job opportunities in the area must be for the residents who are national, ethnic people. We will set up an industrial zone in the area.
(5) For the survival of Khumi ethnic people, our party will promote the national identity of Khumi people — language, literature, traditional music, traditional dance, culture and historical inheritance. We will value and celebrate Khumi National Day.
(6) Our party will make great efforts to regain Paletwa District. If we gain the District, we can have Paletwa Township, Sami Township, Meeza Town and Than Htaung Town. Moreover, we will work hard to get a minister for Khumi ethnic affairs and a Khumi self-administered area.
(7) Our party will continue the Paletwa Town expansion project.

Esteemed national, ethnic voters
Our Khumi party is demanding an appointment of a minister for Khumi ethnic affairs and a Khumi self-administered area. No other party thinks that it is essential. Still, our Khumi party made the demands for the future of Khumi people, and Khumi younger generations so that Khumi people and Khumi national area can survive. It is not for separation from the Chin State. Please trust in our Khumi party’s political objective. In conclusion, I would like to earnestly request the voters to vote for the Hluttaw candidates of our Khumi party.

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