KIA fans regional instability with grenade and mine attacks in Kachin State

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Pahok Creek Bridge burnt by the KIA in Mogaung Township.—Myawady

A KIA trooper on a motorbike threw a hand grenade by stealth into the compound of the Lonkhin police station in Mogaung township in Kachin State on 15 January evening, injuring two policemen and their families, according to reports.
In similar fashion, another KIA trooper on a motorbike hurled two hand grenades into an extractive company near the village of Thayakon in Phakant township, but they failed to detonate and were safely destroyed by a government military column.
On 16 January, a mine dropped by a member of the Kachin Independence Army (KIA) on a motorbike on a garage pile went off without harming anybody.
In the evening of the same day, two KIA members on a motorbike flung a grenade at security forces at the top of a bridge in Phakant, but it fell on the motorway and exploded near them.
A mine that a KIA group planted near a roadside drain in front a police station in Phakant went off on 17 January, damaging vinyl signboards erected on the compound of the police station.
Two KIA members on a motorbike threw a grenade at the brick wall of a jade extraction centre in Lonkhin village, Phakant, which caused an explosion with no damage.
On Saturday afternoon, two bridges in two separate places in Mogaung township of Kachin State were burned by the Kachin Independence Army (KIA), reports said.
One bridge was located at mile post 9/3 on Mogaung-Phakant road one mile northwest of the 8th Mile Junction in Mogaung, and the other at milepost 9/7 about four furlongs in the northwest of that bridge.
In another incident, a KIA troop forced a backhoe driver to destroy four bridges in villages of Kunzaizup and Namkhai, causing transportation problems.
Local people are reported to be in a state of panic as the KIA is fanning instability in the region by blowing up public property.—Myawady

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