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KNDO abducts innocent 47 workers, brutally kills 25 persons

KNDO sskm

Construction workers brutally killed by KNDO.

A total of 47 civilian innocent workers from construction of Uhu Creek Bridge on Kanelay-Mawkhi road near Kanelay Village in Wawle in Myawady District being built by local military unit were abducted by a group led by Saw Par Wah at the rank of captain at KNDO for reasonless on 31 May, and some of abductees were brutally killed.
Some 30 members led by Saw Par Wah from KNDO abducted 31 men, six women and 10 children, totalling 47 from the construction site by dumper.
Security forces were in a hot pursuit of the abductees for their escape. On 1 and 9 June, six men, six women and 10 children, totalling 22 escaped from KNDO and six of them were injured and provided medical treatment by Tatmadaw medical corps members.
On 11 June, one burnt body was found at the site, 1,300 metres northeast of Uhu creek bridge and six more spoiled bodies with hands tied behind their back in the ground. On 12 June, 18 more spoiled bodes were also found.
Officials from the bridge construction site checked the dead bodies with their identities to inform parents and relatives about the deaths and opened the filing the inquests at the respective police stations.
The Tatmadaw columns are taking security measures to export and combat the terrorist group.—MNA

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