Knowledge about COVID-19 is power

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As of Wednesday evening, 74 people have been diagnosed with COVID-19. Four of them have died.
Most of the infected cases are in Yangon.
As the number of cases is expected to rise, people are advised to strictly follow the health guide lines of the health authorities.
In this time of crisis, paying attention to what information we do have is important.
In the face of this infectious disease, increased cooperation between administrative sectors, healthcare workers and volunteers is a must. People are the key to winning the battle against the pandemic. They must cooperate with the authorities by following the guidelines and maintain responsible behaviour and continue to help health leaders contain the spread of this deadly virus.
Having knowledge about the COVID-19 is the power to defeat the disease. To give the power to the people, health awareness should be raised frequently among the people to ensure that they take steps to minimize exposure to the virus.
While the Ministry of Health and Sports has kept the people informed of developments, the people are urged to stay informed and stay well by following the health guidelines. This is a situation in which knowledge really is power.
Hence, people are obliged to pay attention to information from reliable sources, such as ministries concerned and to follow the individual measures announced by the health authorities.
Therefore, both public and individual measures to limit the spread of COVID-19 are critical. Local governments’ efforts for imposing travel restrictions and social distance will help.
Besides, public and personal hygiene is the first defence against the COVID-19 today. With the cooperation of volunteers, regional health authorities are urged to raise cleanliness and public hygiene levels, and to change people’s habits to stop the spread of this deadly disease.
Authorities and individuals in each state/region are urged to work together to bring down the rate of transmission.
Be kind, stay safe and be alert to keep ourselves and our families safe.

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