KOICA provides assistance to improve library environment in Sagaing

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Senior Deputy Representative Mr. Moon Sang Won and dignitaries pose for a documentary photo at hand-over ceremony in Sagaing.

Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) handed over the reins of a project yesterday for improving the library at Co-operative University in Sagaing that was implemented from March 2016 to December 2016 at a cost of US$26,060.
As an encouragement to continue the pursuit of a vibrant and active library that can act as a resource center for students, which is a major aim of the university, KOICA World Friend Korea volunteer Ms. Kwon Eunjin proposed this project.
The budget of the project was shared between local authorities with the amount of US$4,859 and KOICA, which contributed US$21,201. During the operation period of this project, the rehabilitation of the library environment has been successfully implemented to enhance the facility of the library. For the library to be well staffed and well managed, KOICA gave staff training to librarians and faculty members on how to maintain an updated database and keep a wide range of sufficient reference books.
The hand-over ceremony was held in the presence of Senior Deputy Representative Mr. Moon Sang Won, officials from the Ministry of Education, community participants and students.
The Ministry of Education, Co-operative University Sagaing, established in 2012, is currently producing Youth Cooperators who are qualified and proficient in Co-operative economics. It has been providing courses such as Department of Co-operatives, Department of Commerce, and Department of Statistics with the aim of educating students about modern Business Management studies and knowledge of local and global economies.

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