Kokant Democracy and Unity Party presents its policy, stance and work programmes

Kokant Democracy and Unity Party Vice-Chairperson Daw Yin Yin May presented party’s policy, stance and work programmes through radio and TV on 17 September.

Esteemed people

I am Kokant Democracy and Unity Party Vice-Chairperson Daw Yin Yin May. Our party’s registration number is at 4, and our party was allowed to be officially formed on 7 June 2010.

Thanks for having this opportunity to deliver the electoral speech.

Ethnic Kokant people live in Kokant area located in the northeastern edge of Shan State in the Republic of the Union of Myanmar since a long time ago. It is a long narrow land, and the total area is 2,000 square miles.
Kokant area shares a border with China’s Yunnan Province to the east, and it shares a boundary with Wa area to the south. Thanlwin River is located to its north. In its west, Thanlwin River divides Kokant and (Kutkai and Muse districts).
There are a lot of mountains, ravines and streams in the northern part of the area. It is a mountainous region and has a minimum flat area. It has a lot of mountains, ravines and streams, so farmers working in Terrace Farming obtain water for their crops from streams.
In addition to rice and maize, other commercial crops such as pear, walnut, sugarcane, and tea leaves are grown in the area.
In the past, chieftains ruled Kokant people. One out of 33 former chieftains in the Shan State was a Kokant chieftain in the monarchical era.
In Myanmar’s successive political history, Kokant people took part in activities for the benefits of the entire Union, according to historical evidence.
When our country began adopting multiparty democracy system, we formed the Kokant Democracy and Unity Party to represent ethnic Kokant people, to take part in Myanmar’s democratic transition as a political entity.

I would like to introduce our party’s five basic policies as follow:

1. We will stay loyal to the Republic of the Union of Myanmar and all national races;
2. We will always respect the three leading national causes: non-disintegration of the Union, non-disintegration of national solidarity, and perpetuation of sovereignty;
3. We will cultivate friendship with any party which has been formed under the Constitution, to benefit the country and the entire people;
4. Following the Constitution, we will always put in a lot of efforts to protect the birthrights of ethnic Kokant people. And under existing laws, we will work hard for socio-economic development of the entire ethnic Kokant population;
5. We will steadfastly take part in whatever roles of collective efforts to build a Democratic Federal Union.

Esteemed national people

In conclusion, I would like to say that our party will diligently work side by side with political parties in the states/regions and mainland for the development of the Union.

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