Kyatsin Bridge on Minbya-Myebon road 68 per cent complete

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The construction of Kyatsin Bridge expected to complete in 2019. Photo: Han Lin Naing (Sittway Sub-printing House)

The under-construction Kyatsin Bridge over the Kyatsin River between milepost 22/4 and 23/1 of the road from Minbya to Myebon is learnt to be 68 per cent complete.
Construction of the bridge started on 1 July, 2014 and is expected to be completed in March 2019. Once the bridge is completed, the flow of commodities will increase and the social status of the people in the region will improve. “The bridge can be said to be 68 per cent complete. So far, commuting between Minbya and Myebon is possible by crossing the Kyatsin River in a Z-craft (the local name for a landing craft), which is costly, as well as time consuming. Once the bridge is completed, locals and visitors can cross the river in less time and using less money,” said the bridge project manager Deputy Director U Thein Naing of No. 8 Special Bridge Group.
Kyatsin Bridge is 1,920 ft. long and has a road width of 24 ft. and a 3 ft-wide pedestrian path on both sides. The bridge foundation is of reinforced bore piles. The bridge body is of reinforced concrete with an upper structure of a steel frame plate girder and a reinforced concrete floor.
The waterway under the Kyatsin Bridge is 215 ft. wide (65.53 metres) and the clearance between the water and bridge is 39 ft. 4 inches.
The bridge can accommodate vehicles weighing 75 tonnes and costs an estimated Ks11.145 billion. At present, commuting between Minbya and Myebon had to be done via the Z-craft and small crafts, which is especially difficult at night.


Han Lin Naing (Sittway sub-printing house)

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