Lab technicians to receive capacity building training for malaria

With its National Malaria Programme, the Ministry of Health and Sports will soon conduct a capacity building training for laboratory technicians in township hospitals to improve their skills.
The ministry has received US$1.8 million from the Asian Development Bank through University Remote Control (URC) to raise funds to perform quality improvement at national laboratories as well as to promote currently running malaria control projects.
The funds will be spent on the reduction of mortalities caused by malaria in 10 target townships with the highest mortality rate.
Currently, the ministry plays a vital role in implementing the national malaria programme that targets to eliminate malaria by 2020, Dr Than Win, deputy director of the Public Health Department.
Some hospitals need modern medical equipment including microscopes to produce exact laboratory test results, he added.
According to the ministry, the number of confirmed malaria cases of each State/ Region showed a downward trend but is still high in the western and northern parts, especially in Rakhine State and Sagaing Region, which remain to top the list of the reported outbreaks of malaria.
Most malaria transmission occurs in forested foothill zones below an altitude of 1,000 meters.
High risk groups are residents near or in the forest, plantation workers and migrants.
According to the ministry’s data, nine in 1,000 people were infected with malaria in 2007 but the number of reported cases declined to 5.13 in 2013 while 2.18 in 100,000 people died of malaria in 2007 but the mortality rate declined to 0.48 in 2013.—200

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