Lacquerware market in Bagan cool despite high season

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THE lacquerware market in Bagan, a popular ancient city in Mandalay, continues to cool even in high season, according to those in industry.
“The region’s lacquerware trade mainly depends on visitors, especially foreign tourists,” said Daw Wah Wah, the proprietress of a lacquerware shop in Bagan.
“We are facing low demand for lacquerware. This year’s lacquerware trade significantly decreased compared with the same period last year, although many visitors entered the region this season.”
Daw Wah Wah said she does not know why the market is still cool even in high tourist season.
The market is normally active from October to February each year in Bagan, which is famous for its beautiful lacquerware and the numerous stores that specialise in selling the items.
Daw Thanda, a visitor from Mandalay, said when she arrives in Bagan, she usually goes to lacquerware workshops to collect one or more traditional handicrafts which are suitable to give to her colleagues as a gift, observing the culture-based business. International visitors prefer cups, plates, kettles and lamps as well as large traditional bowls used for offering of food to monks.

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