Ladies’ fingers get good profit in Kawlin, Wuntho

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Women pick ladies’ fingers at a field of a village in Sagaing Region on 3 October 2020.  Photo: Myint Tun Min (Kawlin)

The local people from the villages from Kawlin and Wuntho townships in Sagaing Region are growing okra, known as ladies’ fingers or Ochro, in their family as okra is a profitable crop for vegetable growers.
“We grew the okra seeds last year. One acre of okra cultivation costs K250,000 including the seeds, fertilizers, pesticide and ploughing. This time last year, the yield was 20,000 okras per day for growing half-acre of the crop. The okra was sold for K2-3 per one depending upon the size of okra, which could not make high profit. This year, we have grown two baskets of okra seeds. We have collected the okra from farmland for three weeks, and the yield was 25,000 okras. And, we have sent the okra to the regular customers from Kawlin for K6-7 per okra depending upon the size. During the pandemic period, the local farmers are happy with making a good profit from okra farmland,” said U Maung Tun, a local villager from Oakpho village.
“For the half-acre of okra farmland, we have to hire two labours paying K2,500 to grow okra. The cultivation of okra can create jobs for the local villagers, and they are earning daily income. On the other hand, we can get the regular income as well,” he added.
“Last year, the local farmers could not make a profit from growing okra. As the coronavirus breaks out this year, we could not get the okra as many as we want. We were buying the okra from growers and sent them to Phakant, Mohnyin, Moe Kaung, Mandalay, Monywa, Kanbalu and Shwebo towns by train, said Ma Kyaung, an okra seller. —Myint Tun Min (Kawlin) (Translated by Hay Mar)


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