LaKhaCha market in Myitnge ready to sell various products to customers

Mandalay, 2 Feb —LaKhaCha market located in Aungchantha Ward, Myitnge, Mandalay Region is crowded with vendors and customers on the pay day of government offices and departments monthly.
The market is opened with the aim of enabling the2(7) workers and staff of Carriage and Wagon Shed of Myanmar Railways to conveniently buy goods and products as they like on the pay day only. Vendors and shopkeepers from various regions arrive there to sell their products as they know good sales on the single day. As such, vendors from Mandalay sell their products at the market, said Ko Myo Aung, a vendor from Mandalay, told media.
“I came from Mandalay to sell textile at the market. But I sell the products at regular prices. As the market is opened once a month, the vendors get good sales. I sell products worth over K200,000 on the pay day, larger than daily sales in Mandalay. Likewise, vendors from Kalay, Aungpan and Taunggyi sell dried tea and those from Madaya, Sagaing and Monywa display their products for sales,” he said.
“This market has been in Myitnge for over 50 years. Gradually, vendors and shopkeepers sell their products at the market on the pay day. So, the market is crowded with larger vendors and customers. The market is stretching from the entrance of the shed to Sagaing-Myitnge road. It may be a four-furlong long distance,” said a local.
Ma Yi Yi Soe, a customer at the market said, “My husband is a worker from Myanmar Railways. I waited for his salary on the pay day to buy necessary products at the market. We are convenient as we can buy any products at the market.”
About 1,400 workers and staff are discharging duty at the Carriage and Wagon Shed in the workers’ city Myitnge. Min Htet Aung (Mandalay Sub-printing House)

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