Land issues are among the greatest challenges for Myanmar

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Land issues are among the greatest challenges Myanmar faces and the reason why the issues have been a growing concern for the country is the complex rules and regulations of old times and systems, the difficulty to examine ownership evidence, and outdated laws, rules and regulations, Vice President U Nyan Tun told officials in Mandalay recently.
As, taking advantage of these weaknesses, projects were implemented without transparency and consideration for locals whose lands were confiscated, it is necessary to return the land to former owners without resorting to corrupt practices in a transparent manner based on goodwill in accordance with the law as soon as possible, to make further investigations into land confiscation and to return land that should be given back to former owners as soon as possible.
The Pyidaungsu Hluttaw has also pointed out in one of its reports how land issues should be handled so that former land owners will be pleased.
The vice president was reminding the officials to change their mindsets from the former era in which work was not done without corrupt practices, delays, bureaucracy and ignoring the law. As the government has recognized the seriousness of the problems, those who implement the decisions of the government are required to work their best to solve the issues as soon as possible without giving any excuse. A good policy may end up as an empty promise because of those who fail to implement it on the ground.

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