Land owners wait Dala Bridge completion, land transactions expect to be better

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Dala Bridge under construction and Dala Township.

Land owners have been waiting to sell their land plots until Dala bridge completes and there is a prospect that transactions will be better.

Dala Township which is close to Yangon downtown will be more developed along with economic growth, drawing buyers.

“Prices in Kyansitthar and Tabin Shwehtee wards are likely to increase again because the bridge project is nearing to complete. Owners have still held their lands because they have been waiting and seeing what will happen when the bridge construction finishes. There is likelihood of surge in prices when the bridge ends. I’m not sure what will happen when the bridge construction completes. There are projects in Dala. Land plots in residential wards have regular transactions. Dala will be more fine than Yangon when the bridge completes,” said an official from Dala- based real estate agency.

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A rendering of the Dala Bridge, which connects Yangon Downtown and Dala Township.

Interests in the township property market have risen due to the bridge which is going to finish soon, and prices will rise about one and a half times after the bridge construction ends, according to the township-based property service agencies.

Roads in the township have improved now and Dala- Danote road and Dala-Kawhmu-Twantay road construction has completed. No noticeable development was seen in Dala’s  real estate prices in past, but it became better significantly after the bridge project initiated.

Dala Bridge connects Yangon’s Lanmadaw Township and Bo Min Yaung road in Dala’s  Kamarkasit ward, crossing Yangon River.

Thit Taw/ZS

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