Landslide kills 17, six feared dead in Hpa-saung Township

Two-day torrential rain caused landslide in Hpa-saung Township, Kayah State. Photo: Balake IPRD
Two-day torrential rain caused landslide in Hpa-saung Township, Kayah State. Photo: Balake IPRD

TORRENTIAL rain caused a landslide on Sunday in a village in Hpa-saung Township, Kayah State, killing 17, according to a news report from the Myanmar News Agency on Monday. Others are feared dead.
Among the confirmed dead are 10 men and seven women.
About 60 houses were destroyed by the landslide, which happened at about 2pm in a hilly area between Mawchi Taung Paw village and Lokhalo village.
Local authorities and police teamed up with residents to carrying out rescue operations at the site of the tragedy.
Temporary relief camps have been opened at schools and at a Lokhalo Station Hospital, and more than 360 inhabitants of houses in the landslide risk area have been relocated there.
The Kayah State government held an emergency meeting and sent rescue teams to the disaster-hit area along with relief aid.
Members of the local regiments and battalions are clearing the road between Hpa-saung and Mawchi.
Myanmar’s weather bureau released a weather forecast at 7pm on Monday, saying isolated heavy rainfall is expected in Kayah State, with 100 percent degree of certainty and validity until the evening of 13 October.
Meanwhile, heavy rain is likely to fall in Mandalay, Magway and Ayeyawady regions and Rakhine State.
On Thursday, a flash flood in a creek caused by heavy rains in Kalaywa Township, Sagaing Region, swept away 16 people.
So far, two bodies have been found, and the remaining are feared dead, along with more than 20 cattle, local authorities told The Global New Light of Myanmar.
Around 200 acres of farmland were also buried under sand brought in by the flash flood in Phonethone creek in Kyaunggyi Village, Chin Chaung village tract, in Kalaywa Townsip, Sagaing Region.
The disaster followed the country’s worst floods in 100 years, which struck from late July to August, killing more than 120 people nationwide and impacting more than 1.6 million people. Most of the flood-related deaths were reported in Rakhine State, where at least 56 people died, followed by Sagaing Region with 24, Mandalay with 12 and Shan State with 9 dead.

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