Large cargo ship docks at Sule Port

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Rice bags being loaded onto the cargo ship M V Tomini Amity at Pier 2 Sule Port. The successful docking of the cargo ship significantly reduces transportation costs.

The Cargo Ship called M V Tomini Amity, by which Myanmar will ship rice to West African countries, has docked at Pier 2 of Sule Port Terminal, making it the second-largest largest cargo ship to ever enter Sule Port.
The 185-meter-long cargo ship was unloaded in Bangladesh and arrived at Sule Port Terminal on 24th April in order to load 22,000 tonnes of rice. The ship will then sail to India so that the rice can be distributed to West African countries.
It is a milestone in Myanmar history that the cargo liner successfully docked at Sule Port Terminal because transportation charges are reduced for shippers.
The transportation charges will be over Ks6,000 per tonne when the rice bags are sent from Hlaingthaya to Sule Port. When the merchants transport the rice bags to Thilawa, the bus fare will cost over Ks 8,000 a tonne. Therefore, the arrival of the cargo ship at the Sule Port significantly brings down the cost of shippers and merchants. If the transportation cost can be slashed, the merchants can offer higher prices to the farmers, said Captain Henry U Khin Maung of the agent of the ship owner.
Large trucks with container trailers are not allowed to run from 11 am to 3pm on the road from Hlaingthaya to Sule, causing delays for cargo ships anchored at port. Meanwhile, the merchants are attempting to load 3,000 tonnes onto the ship.
The ship is likely to leave from Sule Port Terminal on 2nd May. The 190-meter-long cargo ship entered Sule Port on 6th April, which is reported to leave from Pier 2 of Sule Port yesterday, it is learnt.
The successful docking was accomplished with the help of the managing director, chief navigator and officials from Myanma Port Authority, which is under the guidance of the Ministry of Transport and Communications.


Soe Win (MLA)

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