Large numbers of nature lovers gather in Sonye Natural Lake in high season

Sonye Lake
Local visitors aboard boats to sightsee the natural beauty around Sonye Lake. Photo: Khin Maung Lwin

VISITORS to the Sonye Lake are on the rise in high season this year, enjoying the natural beauty of the four-mile-wide lake by riding traditional boats, locals say.
Lotus, water convolvulus, water hyacinth and aquatic herbs thrive in Sonye Lake.  The lake, which has a rich diversity of fish, is also a good place to see a wide variety of birds.
Traditional lotus weaving businesses and fish farming are the main pursuits of communities around the lake.
Residents living in the surrounding areas of the natural lake and nearby villages
mainly carry out manufacturing of lotus robes on a commercial scale. The lotus-based products have been exported to Inlay and Taunggyi areas of Shan State as well as some foreign countries.
A local woman can produce 1.5 ticals of lotus yarns a day. One tical of lotus yarn is worth Ks5,000.
Sonye Lake is situated in Ingon Village, Sonye Village-tract, Sintgaing Township, Mandalay Region. The majority of visitors usually take photographs with lotus while visiting the lake by boat. A boat ride costs Ks1,000 per person.
Locals generate a handsome income thanks to the growing numbers of visitors to the lake.—Khin Maung Lwin

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