Launching an Initiative for Building a Platform for New Writers

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • According to Law of Nature—impermanence, the new replace the old in our world, animate and inanimate. Each and every one of the three traditional divisions of the natural world—animal, vegetable and mineral kingdoms undergoesthe process of the above-said law of nature. Apart from the last one, the other two obviously show it. All living things including human beings in the animal kingdom grow older and older as time passes by. On our faces and bodies, wrinkles and lines are appearing and our hair turns grey, with our advancing years. Our strength as well reaches the climax and thence drops gradually or plunges into the depth promptly. Trees and plants in the vegetable kingdom grow bigger and bigger too, likewise. Deciduous trees lose their leaves every year and new leaves replace old ones, as do evergreen ones.
    Young plants and trees give us food for us when young. When trees become old, they give us shelter , on one condition that we need to nurture young plants to reach the state of maturity. We must protect them from being cut down by destructive elements. These days, voices are being heard that Myanmar youths are losing interest in reading Myanmar aesthetic literature. This being so, our State leaders are encouraging the development of Myanmar literature and literature for children by holding literary festivals, along with paper reading sessions.
  • Much has been heard also that today’s youth are beginning to have an appetite for our own language, and before they know it they are spoiling our cultural heritage, Myanmar language, carelessly or otherwise. If the problem goes uncared, we cannot say how to reply, as to “Whither the future of Myanmar?” As regards the Ministry of Information there has been progress of the Myanmar literature through newspapers in Myanmar version, gaining success considerably.
    English plays an important role to make the world known to Myanmar and simultaneously to make Myanmar known to the world. Once in the past, we had a large number of Myanmar writers who wrote prolifically works of excellence written in English. Many passed away and only some survived. Once, the status in learning the language stayed at the top of the totem pole and it plunged down miserably. Yet, nascent progress of learning English is being seen. Learning skills can be acquired through reading English books. They lack room, or rather a place or nurturing ground for new writers. Now we are going to have a place to do so, under the instruction of the Information Minister. A page for “a platform for new writers” on newspaper pages of “the Global New Light of Myanmar,” is coming to youths. The program can fill the need to replace the dying breed of Myanmar writers. With the encouragement of the Ministry, our Myanmar new writers need to join the initiative launched by the Ministry, without hesitation.
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