Laws and Orders need Stricter Enforcement


In a country where there is laxity in the enforcement of law and order, crimes would be rampant and there wouldn’t be security or safety for the populace. Worse still is the situation where there is no rule of law. Such conditions could lead to public unrests and riots or even to armed conflicts, resulting in bloodsheds and would deprive peace and tranquility.
Laws and orders need proper and strict enforcements. Though every citizen is duty bound or has an obligation to obey the laws and orders according to the concept of civic duty, enforcements of the laws and orders are necessary in any country. Even with enforcements, crimes or un-disciplined activities are rampant everywhere in the world, and our country is no exception.
Recently, I have noticed an upsurge of crimes in our country, according to the news in the media. Cases of murders, rapes, armed robberies, looting, car accidents due to over-speedings, drunk-drivings and reckless drivings, human traffickings, etc, are being reported almost daily in the media. In actual fact, the crime rates may not be increasing, but they seem to be increasing because of the transparency and freedom of press, they are being made more public today than before. Anyhow, such crimes should be strictly and effectively suppressed.
I believe that the police are more active and efficient nowadays. Their presence is more visible, now, than ever before: performing ther duties with great proficiencies. A fact evident during this year’s Martyrs Day celebrations, which should be lauded. In the past they had been sidelined and their roles were diminished. Now it is very heartening to see them shouldering, not only the law and order enforcements, but also taking more responsibilities of the public security, which are their main roles. They have regained their rightful status. As they are gaining more latitude in performing their duties, I expect them to be more diligent and stricter in enforcing the law and order.
Enforcements of law and order do not end with the police actions only. The judiciary, also, have to be more supportive towards that endeavour by passing down more effective sentences, within the legal bounds, to the culprits who are found guilty. To be able to achieve that, the judicial proceedings should be more independent, that is: free of any outside influence. There should be nobody above the law. The general administrative officials also play important roles in maintaining law and order, thus should also get actively involved in the maintenance of law and order.
Here, the role of the people or the citizens should not be ignored. Their co-operations are in-dispencible. The citizens should fulfil their civic duties by abiding by the laws and orders, and also assisting the authorities by giving informations of criminal activities in their neighbourhoods, malpractices by unscrupulous persons, giving volunteer services, such as: standing security, fire and flood watches when the situations necessitate.
The role of the military in the enforcement of law and order is also of much importance. When civil unrests: rallies, demonstrations and riots get out of control, the military can be called in, to assist the civil authorities by giving “aid to civil power”.  Close coordinations and co-operations among all the aforementioned departments or organizations and the citizens would greatly contribute to the rule of law in the country.
If there is no rule of law there would be civil unrests, which would lead a country into chaos, that could create hindrances to the development of that country;  a situation which is absolutely undesirable and should be avoided at all cost. Thus, it is the duty of all the people to work, hand in hand, towards a peaceful and tranquil country where law and order prevail. Undesirable elements, who instigate civil unrest by falsely leading the public to turn against one another or against the authorities, by giving hate speeches, whereby promoting racism and religionism in the name of nationalism should not be tolerated. Drastic and examplary actions should be taken against such persons.
Here, I would like to say a few words concerning the vocabularies—racism, religionism and nationalism. During the struggles for independence, every country promote nationalism to the highest degrees. It is a strategy to rally the whole nation to rise up against the colonialists. Many patriotic persons, irrespective of their race or religion, rose to the occasion and joined the demonstrations or revolutions, in whichever direction the cause may take, to gain the coveted independence. However, many countries tone down the nationalistic spirits once they attained their goals. The reasons: in my opinion is, because too much nationalism could lead to racism and could farther lead to religionism. All these traits are not only undesirable, but they are also detrimental to the unity and solidarity among the diverse populations of a country.
We had witnessed the extreme racism of the Nazis that had caused great losses to the world, and the communism, which can be categorized as “anti-religionism” had also done its share of damage too. Thus, I would like to humbly request the neo-nationalists to stop instigating racism and religionism and plead to all the racists and religionists to abandon their stances that are undermining the unity and solidarity of the people. Let us strive in unity towards a developed and prosperous nation, where law and order, unity and peace prevail and create a haven where all the diverse races and religions or faiths could live together in harmony again.

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