Laws are to protect every citizen


[dropcap font=”0″]E[/dropcap]very country has its own laws to protect all its citizens including farmers, workers, children, women, the disabled and the elderly and so on. Even soldiers who are the strongest in society and capable of not just defending themselves but also warding off dangers to other vulnerable groups such as children, women, the disabled and the elderly are even protected by laws.
If there are no such laws or they cannot be enforced, everyone is exposed to abuses by other stronger groups in their societies. Children and women are abused and the disabled and the elderly are neglected by the society in which they live. The disabled and the elderly are left to beg for their lives on streets. Children are recruited at battlefields while women are sexually abused there. Now, these incidents are not restricted to battlefields as women are sexually harassed at ever-increasing illegal karaoke lounges, massage parlours and so on in largest cities while children are used as child labourers at cafes, restaurants and shops in urban areas. Are these just what their fates have in store for them?
However, every citizen is entitled to the same rights and protection of law regardless of sex, age and ability. Such laws should be enacted or enforced as soon as possible but laws protecting women in the sex trade, karaoke lounges and massage parlours were repeatedly rejected by legislatures on cultural grounds. It is also evident that protecting the weak is also our cultural tradition, which we should preserve by legally protecting them.

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