Lawyer and Fake News

  • By U Han Nyunt (Law)

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As the writer was travelling for a while, articles could not be contributed for some time. Now, it is the pleasure in sharing an article.

Fake News
“Sea of fake news is there everywhere. Wherever you go, false news follows you.”
Bogus is always a sham, and that at the end, the truth is out in the surface.
There are people who consider “fake” to be “genuine”. These people are born to tell others all the “phony” items, making the world upside down. Some spread the fake news like wild fire through the Facebook, while others walked through the ward and village scattering around fake stories.

The Intent of Fake News Distributers
What is the intention? You name it, they have it all.
It is the act of hurting, humiliating, degrading, embarrassing, defaming, and devastating to a person; a team; or an organization.

Witnessing on a Wrong Standpoint
False Evidence
CHAPTER XI of Penal Code
191. Giving false evidence.
192. Fabricating false evidence.
193. Punishment for false evidence.
194. Giving or fabricating false evidence with intent to procure con¬viction of capital offence: if innocent person be thereby convicted and executed.
195. Giving or fabricating false evidence with intent to procure con¬viction of offence punishable with transportation or imprisonment.
196. Using evidence known to be false.
197. Issuing or signing false certificate.
198. Using as true a certificate known to be false.
199. False statement made in declaration which is by law receivable as evidence.
200. Using as true such declaration knowing it to be false.
201. Causing disappearance of evidence of offence, or giving false information, to screen offender- if a capital offence: if punishable with transportation; if punishable with less than ten years’ imprisonment.
202. Intentional omission to give information of offence by person bound to inform.
203. Giving false information respecting an offence committed.
204. Destruction of document to prevent its production as evidence.
205. False personating for purpose of act or proceeding in suit or prosecution.

Of Cheating
All cheating are clarified in sections 415; 416; 417; 418; 419; 420 of the Penal Code.

Of Defamation
On all defamation are clarified in sections 499; 500; 501 and 502 of the Penal Code.

Telecommunication Law
Section 66(d) of the Telecommunications Law stated that “anyone found guilty of extorting, coercing, restraining wrongfully, defaming, disturbing, causing undue influence or threatening any person by using any telecommunications network shall be punished with a maximum three years in prison, a fine or both.”
Responsibilities and Codes of Conduct to be complied by News Media workers—
9. A News Media worker is responsible to comply with the following codes of conduct–
(g) Writing news which relate to the interest of the public, writing style which deliberately affects the reputation of a specific person or an organization or generates negative impact to the human right shall be avoided.

Even if no one cares to take legal action
The person who committed immoral, unethical and wicked act is bound to get a backlash and reaction, pushing him or her into a dark nightmare throughout the life until the last breath. This is the law of nature.

There are two billion Facebook users, and 1.5 billion You Tube users. As of April 2017, (700) million people are using Instagram, and (328) million people are using Twitters. More and more people are now using social media.

The Good and the Bad
The Facebook brings all the good things as well as all the bad things. It all depends on how the users handle the social networking website with the innate and inborn state of mind. However, one should consider for the good of others and the development of the world.
The Facebook users must avoid an act that hurts others; that damage business of others; that tarnishes the image of the country and the national races; that provokes the upheavals among the populace; that supports war and conflict.
The fake news will surely bring havoc and destruction.

Evaluation needed
One must never accept fake news lightly. Assessment and evaluation are needed whether the news is right or wrong. It is just common sense being accepted by all normal people.

Be careful of fake news
The Voice Journal printed on 21 May 2018 carried news article entitled “Be Careful of Fake News” written by Moe Yan Kha.
“The news contents seen on the Facebook should be judged and tested with the term IMVAIN”
(I) = Independent; the source of the news should be independent.
(M) = Multiple; there should be more sources supporting the information.
(V)= Verify; it would be more reliable by checking the information with other available evidences.
(AI)= Authoritative / Informed; news from official sources are more reliable than
the unconfirmed source of news.
(N)= Name; the news supported with the name of the reporter is much more reliable than the news without a name.
“The assessment and evaluation entitled [Think before You Trust] was clarified at the Digital Resource Center regarding journalism under the Stony Brook University based in New York”. It is indeed very interesting article.

Think Before You Trust
The article heading “Think before You Trust” is indeed very much adorable and knowledgeable. It means that one should believe when the information is really reliable. It is very clear and has a lot of meanings. Indeed the words of the wise men. Everyone should accept this norm.
Nowadays, all the youths are mostly educated, sophisticated, stylish and urbane. Therefore, they must never ever take it for granted what was lightly written or casually talked about.
All the fake news is spreading like wild fire across the country, and therefore, it is very must essential to think before you trust.

Justice is guarded by angels
Each and every appalling and malice act is sure to bounce back in an equal and opposite reaction.
This wonderful age and era is enveloped and decorated with that of simplicity, transparency, critical thinking, enquiring, being systematic, sharing loving kindness, having compassion, negotiation, observation, discussion, contemplating, being stable, having maturity, coping with modernity, and swiftness. Don’t they (the wrong doers) know this condition and circumstances on reality?
They are out there to demolish and destroy the community and society with all the malice and hatred.
The writer of this article would like to conclude as follows.
All the wicked, malicious and nasty acts are bound to return back to the senders without fail.
Be advised never ever involve in bad acts.
Loving kindness is the most precious response and reaction.

Translated by UMT


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