Lay an eminent milestone in Theravada Buddhism

On 1 August 2023, a significant national gala ceremony took place at Thebyu hillock in Dekkhinathiri Township, Union Territory Nay Pyi Taw, Myanmar. This momentous occasion commemorates the consecration of the Maravijaya sitting Buddha Image, an awe-inspiring monument proudly standing as the world’s tallest sitting marble Buddha image. Made possible by the generous contributions of Head of State Senior General Min Aung Hlaing and devoted individuals aligned with Myanmar’s rich Buddhist traditions, this remarkable statue serves to highlight the flourishing of Theravada Buddhism in Myanmar.
What sets the Maravijaya Buddha Image apart is that it was entirely built by Myanmar’s engineers, showcasing their exceptional engineering skills without any foreign experts’ involvement. This achievement is a source of immense pride for the nation, exemplifying the unwavering dedication of Myanmar’s people to their faith.
Throughout history, Theravada Buddhism has been embraced by the majority of Myanmar’s population, and its influence has endured from the ancient Bagan era to the present day. The construction of the Maravijaya Buddha Image stands as a testament to the enduring and persistent flourishing of Theravada Buddhism in the country, providing a site for public reverence and devotion.
In addition to the Buddha Image, the gala ceremony features the creation of a world Buddhism library. To ensure the preservation of the Lord Buddha’s teachings for generations to come, 96 small pagodas were built to house Vinaya treatises, 216 pagodas for Abhidhamma treatises, and 720 Suttanta treatises. Each chamber contains stone plaques inscribed in Pali and Romanized languages, holding a treasure trove of knowledge.
The ceremony were attended by members of the Sangha from nine foreign countries, along with local members of the Sangha, State dignitaries, well-wishers, and esteemed guests. This historic milestone in Myanmar’s religious history offers attendees a rare opportunity to witness the consecration of the world’s tallest Buddha image and accumulate meritorious deeds.
The construction of the Maravijaya sitting Buddha Image stands as a symbol of the propagation, purification, and perpetuation of Theravada Buddhism. As a nation with deep-rooted spiritual traditions, Myanmar continues to thrive and uphold the principles of its cherished faith, thanks to the dedication and support of its people and well-wishers.
In conclusion, the consecration of the Maravijaya sitting Buddha Image is a momentous occasion that showcases Myanmar’s commitment to its religious heritage and the promotion of Theravada Buddhism worldwide. With the world’s tallest marble Buddha image standing tall as a beacon of faith and spirituality, Myanmar continues to write its religious history with pride and devotion.

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