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Leader of Ethnic Armed Organization arrives in Nay Pyi Taw to participate in peace talks

AS Chairman of the State Administration Council Commander-in-Chief of Defence Services Senior General Min Aung Hlaing called for peace talks with ethnic armed organizations-EAOs to restore perpetual peace in the country and make an end to the armed conflicts, a peace delegation led by Chairman of the Restoration Council of Shan State (RCSS) General Yawd Serk from Tachilek of Shan State arrived by air in Nay Pyi Taw yesterday.
On the arrival at Nay Pyi Taw Airport, the delegation was welcomed by members and officials of the National Solidarity and Peacemaking Negotiation Committee, ethnic people from the Department of Fine Arts of Ministry of Religious Affairs and Culture and locals who wants peace holding miniature State flags and placards bearing, “Perpetual peace is the real aspiration of the people”, “Achieving peace is the true desire of all citizens”, “Let’s hold talks for peace in the Union”, “Only the ethnic nationalities are in unity, stability, peace and tranquillity will be achieved”.
The peace delegation held the peace talks for the first time from 20 to 22 May 2022. Strengthening of multiparty democratic system, building the Union based on democracy and federalism and further striving for ensuring peace and development of the Union were agreed in the talks. It was reported that the peace delegation is allowed to openly discuss its political anticipations and future talks in the second time talk. Moreover, the ethnic armed organizations which do not join the peace talks yet are also invited to the talks without advance restrictions in any situations. When the peace delegation arrived at No 2 Myanmar-Thai Friendship Bridge in Tachilek in eastern Shan State yesterday afternoon, they were welcomed by officials from Tachilek Station, departmental personnel, those from political parties and local people who supported stability, peace and development of the nation holding placards bearing, “Support peace talks”, “Perpetual peace is the real aspiration of the people” and “Support the State Administration Council’s peace talks” from the union highway of Tachilek to the airport road. Then, the delegation led by General Yawd Serk of RCSS/SSA arrived at Nay Pyi Taw Airport from Kengtung Airport.— MNA

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