Learn to accept failure with good grace

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At a time when the world has become more competitive and complex, the ability to accept failure as a normal course of life is the essence of social interaction. We have all found it true from our personal experience that a mix of success and failure is to human beings what water is to fish. We all go through life by trial and error.
Despite the universality of failure, we are inclined to put the blame on other people or external factors when faced with hardship either because of our own actions or those of others. In other words, we have a tendency to hide our failure rather than admit it.
It is worth noting that not all failures have negative impacts on the rest of our lives as long as we learn to accept failures and draw lessons from them. If we succeed in developing that attitude, we will be able to use failure as a vehicle that can take us closer to success.
We need to learn to accept failure with good grace. The most inspirational stories about the habits of successful people tell us that they all draw their personal successes from their own failures. Since failure is an unavoidable part of life, our responsibility is to be wise and smart enough to reinvent ourselves and uncover our talent to toil in our daily competitive society.

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