Legacy of older generations


[dropcap font=”0″]I[/dropcap]n history, older generations were often blamed by their younger counterparts as the former left the latter in divided societies plagued by social woes such as poverty, wars, racial hatred, disasters and so on. However, it is natural for younger generations to put blame on the elder as they are innocent ones who are not accustomed to pointing an accusing finger at
In the history of some countries, the older generations left their younger ones with so many and so intense social woes that these countries collapsed into smaller nations where no one of the latter has anything good to talk about the former. Therefore, it is clear that what older generations leave younger generations will decide whether the former should be blamed or praised by them in the future.
It is time for older generations of the divided world to think how they want to be remembered and to try their best to leave what is the best for their descendants. Otherwise, they will always be blamed in the future in the same way as they are being blamed now. The older generations should always bear in their mind that history will never say “I am sorry,” or “Thank you,” but it always does say to everyone “Goodbye”. What they do today will become their history tomorrow.

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