Legal action to be taken for discrepancies in household demographics

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Officials are seen carrying out fieldwork under the Pankhinn Project in villages near Kawkareik, Kayin State, to issue citizenship scrutiny cards.

The Ministry of Immigration and Population has announced the importance of making a citizenship scrutiny card (CSC) and that legal action will be taken if discrepancies are found in household demographics.
It has been announced that if there is any difficulty in making the citizenship scrutiny cards, household population census form 66/6 (AHtaSa), anyone can go to the relevant township immigration offices to solve them.
If you have reached ten years of age, but have not yet made a citizenship scrutiny card, you can go to the relevant township’s immigration office under the project named Pankhinn, officials said.
In addition, the statement informed that if there is a discrepancy in the information in the process of exchange for those who have completed the ten-year-old CSC card, they need to be corrected.
If you do not hold more than one citizenship scrutiny card, and if you are holding it, anyone need to go to the relevant township immigration office and submit it, officials added.
Those who do not have a household population census form 66/6 (AHtaSa) can also send information to the nearest township immigration offices according to the Pankhinn Project.
The ministry has registered more than 52 million citizens, associate citizens, naturalized persons and holders of other types of recognition cards.
Officials urged people to resolve discrepancies in the list of citizenship scrutiny cards and additional cardholders at the nearest township immigration offices during the specified period. If the specified period is exceeded, it has been notified that action will be taken under the law. —TWA/GNLM

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