Legal binding and the discipline

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People tend to understand the law as discipline. In all societies, citizens are obligated to abide by the discipline. Households have disciplinary rules for the family members to follow, students have the school discipline to adhere strictly to, soldiers have the military disciplinary rules to live up to and civil service personnel have fundamental rule, supplementary rule, civil service regulations to stick to.
Be they laws, rules, regulations, procedures or disciplinary rules, they are all meant for maintenance of law and order, prevalence of the rule of law and peace and tranquility of a society. In this regard, it is worth noting that discipline is different from the law. When a member of a society does not follow the disciplinary rules, he can be ostracized by the society, condemned by the community and contempted by the family and friends. Nevertheless, when it comes to violation of the law, the violator will have action taken according to the law. The main difference between the discipline and the law is that the former has no legal binding whereas the
latter can fine, imprison or even decapitate the violator
of the law. Anyway the disciplinary rules, ethics and customs can be turned into laws when situations demand enactment.
In fact, all citizens are required to follow the disciplinary rules although they do not have the legal binding if they really want to prosper and it they really wish to see their country develop. In this regard, even the monks have vinaya rules to strictly abide by. Although the vinaya rules do not have legal binding, the monks who violate them are bound to be reborn in four unhappy abodes, which prevent them from attaining enlightenment, the ultimate goal of Buddhist monks. This being so, the spiritual authorities are sometimes needed to co-operate with the secular authorities in enforcement of the vinaya rules in order to salvage the sinners from being born again in the abodes, where they
cannot meditate to emancipate from samsara, the rounds of rebirth as well as to maintain law and order in their country.

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