Lemon growers upset with low demand despite high yield

Lemon price drops in the local market despite high yield this year.  PHOTO: Aung Soe Pe (Myinmu)
Lemon price drops in the local market despite high yield this year. PHOTO: Aung Soe Pe (Myinmu)

Lemon growers from Myinmu Township in Sagaing are unhappy with no demand from the market even there is a high yield of lemon. “Even though we have a high yield of lemon, we could not send it across the county this year like last year. “Each lemon tree yielded 500 lemons. We grew over 600 lemon trees on our farmland and they can produce over 300,000 per week. Previously, the lemons were exported to China via Muse route.
A lemon was sold for K 35-40. It can bring profit to the local growers. Now, we could not export the lemon to China and the lemon is sold for K 10 per fruit in the local market. We are being worried about the next season because the lemon can be picked up two times per year,” said U Kyaw San, a
commercial- scale lemon grower. Myanmar lemons must be grown with 15 feet between rows and they can be started to harvest within eight months or one year after growing the trees. Then, the lemons can be distributed to the market.
People in the capital reportedly prefer lemons thanks to their health benefits. The fruits are traditionally used for treating throat infections, dental problems and high blood pressure. They also benefit hair and skincare. Lemons also help to strengthen the immune system and cleanse the stomach, according to the local growers. —Aung Soe Pe (Myinmu) (Translated by Hay Mar)

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