Lesser stress and anxiety essential for preventing COVID-19 spread among grassroots

Individuals and society at all levels have suffered the impacts of COVID-19 pandemic at present. From the places with high-security measures to the grassroots communities, the pandemic is imposing challenges to the health of our people.
In this circumstance, the psychological impact among societies should not be overlooked. The COVID-19 crisis has caused stress in all forms to all of us in considering possible infection, medical care, financial losses, distress and uncertainty of the duration of the pandemic.
Such worries should not be kept in mind to prevent long-lasting mental health impacts. Experts have reminded that anxiety, panic and stress are linked to the infectious pandemics. Some reports said patients infected with COVID-19 might suffer from mood dysregulation, anxiety, anger, and worsening of any preexisting mental illness.
Although there are no specific guidelines to address COVID-19 related distress until now, individuals need to develop their confidence to liberate from the pandemic by practising healthcare guidelines of wearing facemask, hand- washing and social distancing.
Strategic management is also required for preventing the infection in the workplaces. The Union Government has already issued a series of orders on preventive measures for the employers from both the public and private sectors. The government is also trying to lessen the stress and worries of these workforces who are valuable resources for the country. The Coronavirus pandemic is actually an acid test of every organization or every community how they could successfully take control measures and could relieve the worries suffered by the people.
In providing possible relief assistance, the Union Government is flexible about the term vulnerability. The term vulnerability has gone beyond its previous definition. In addition to older adults, those who have suffered a sudden loss of income or access to social support have been included in the vulnerable groups as they have to struggle to cope financially, mentally and physically with the crisis.
While common people are the majority population of this country, they also play a key role as they are on the frontlines facing the challenge of this deadly pandemic.

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