Lest you mistake politics for poisonous fruit


[dropcap font=”0″]A[/dropcap]t the outset, it is worth stating that public participation is at the heart of any democratic government. In other words, democracy requires the involvement of the public. Unfortunately, in our country, the majority of people still assume that it would be a nice idea to stay away from politics. Most of them are accustomed to living in fear as a result of being haunted by the shadow of the recent past.
With a complete realization of the situation, the speaker of the Pyidaungsu Hluttaw has often called for public involvement in politics, stressing the fact that politics is a national concern. Even then, many people are heard to claim that politics is a dirty practice, a silly waste of time.
In fact, politics is about promoting, enhancing and strengthening democratic structures while catering to the needs, hopes and aspirations of the people. It is therefore important for ordinary people to open their eyes to the reality that “we hold all the strings in the shaping of our own destiny”.
It is only natural that all representatives in their electioneering promise the best of things for citizens, which is why any government, after coming to power, should serve public interests not only with high ambitions but also with realistic objectives. In addition, it is necessary for a government to give individuals more choice about how they can participate in the political process for the simple reason that any decision the government makes affects their lives.
All in all, it is the people who are the decision-makers in electing a government. The power therefore lies in the hands of the people. It is therefore quite natural that a government must be at the service of the public. In the end, the only measure of how successful a government is how well it treats its citizens.

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