Let flowers of the Union bloom

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  • The cool and pleasant winter season in the Himalayas makes all the trees and flowers across the country bloom. Just as the flowers blossom in the natural world, it is heartening to watch Myanmar blossomin into a Union.
    After the battle for independence, the essence of our Union has manifest in the Kayin New Year, Kachin State Day, Naga New Year, and Kayah State Day celebrations. These days were observed with joyful celebrations not only in their respective regions, but across the country. Seeing our national leaders celebrate these auspicious occasions with the people brings up images of a flourishing garden.
    In his speech on the 67th Kayah State Day, President U Win Myint said: “The languages, literature, traditions, and cultures of our ethnic national brothers and sisters are multi-colored flowers that are blooming beautifully and beautifying the garden which is our Union.”
    “For the eternal existence of the beautiful garden, we are imbuing it with good thoughts and good intentions by establishing a peaceful and developed union that will bring about socio-economic development of all ethnic nationals; a union that will exist as long as the earth exists. All ethnic nationals are urged to participate in it,” he added.
    The fact that each ethnic race is allowed to celebrate its own special day signals the unity of our country. All ethnic races dress in their unique colors and outfits which bring out their intrinsic beauty and culture. The caretakers of our Union garden are working hard to nurture and integrate the elegance of the different and distinct flowers in it. There is no discrimination between the plains and the highlands, the states and the regions, as they are working for equitable development for all.
    The Union government is working to preserve the languages, literature, traditions and culture of the ethnic races, in addition to working for their socio-economic development. Only when their rights and ways of life are protected and elevated will our country become strong and everlasting. We can see the undertakings of the Union government ever more clearly. We would like to urge all our ethnic brothers and sisters to cooperate in safeguarding and developing our Union.
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