Let us emulate those from developed countries!

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  • Khin Maung Oo
  • Sometimes a wish occurs in my mind. That is none other than to send my colleagues and fellow workers to work in Korea, Japan or America for earning money. We know that most of our friends, who are working there, are getting 7 or 8 or 10 times we are getting here in our country. Because of an itching desire to get such an enormous amount of money, it is not strange for us that we will surely nod our heads, if an opportunity is offered to us to work there. But, there are still many things we do not yet know. Generally, tidy amounts of money they get every month can overcome their homesickness and hardships experienced in their jobs. They themselves and their families at home may be daydreaming occasionally. Getting an enormous amount of income compared to those earned in our own country and living in a foreign country may seem like a paradise. But, they have no chances to take holidays as they wish. Thus, it might happen that their holiday does not coincide with the holiday of their friends. What I mean is that they have their rights in accordance with acceptable principles, but they have to forgo some of their desires. They are willing and ready to exchange their desire for earning money. In fact, they are selling their time at 6 or 7 or 8 dollars per hour (or) 800 or 900 or 1000 yen per hour. They are well convinced of the value of the time. They know that they will be fired if they absent themselves from their jobs without leave or reason.
    In our country as well, employees are working hard in factories and at construction sites at very low wages, enjoying the least opportunities at their working environments. In other words, they are losing many opportunities. Most of us seem to neglect that most of these laborers are not allowed to take leave as desired by them. They are also selling their time, or rather parts of their lives. Many may disapprove if I claim that those working for government department and offices are enjoying more rights and opportunities than those working at the above-said working places. They have weekend holidays, public holidays, casual leaves, earned leaves, maternity leaves and other kinds of leave such as leave without pay. And, they have a chance to go out for shopping during working hours while some can go out once a week to purchase commodities they need.
    As per nature, we are apt to be reluctant to abandon the things we have got in our hands. Yet, we need to assess as to whether we are having much less holidays, compared to those from our neighboring countries. We know our country lagged much behind others. Especially, we want the future of our children to be brighter. We all want to change everything. Accordingly, we are required to work hard like others. Meanwhile, some people staged a demonstration against reducing periods of Thingyan holidays. We have freedom to express our thoughts and desires.
    I think that such kinds of demonstration will never show any signs of placebo effect, and this will be tantamount to the meaning that though we are claiming we are ready to work for the country, when it really comes to work hard, we are conspicuous by our absence. I am ready to receive any pejorative looks from those who dislike my claim that I want our beloved colleagues to work abroad so that they know the value of works.
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